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11 Incredible Photos of Eyes from Sport Diver's June Photo Contest

Focusing in on the eyes of a subject brings another dimension to a photo. It helps the reader connect with the shot and gives underwater marine life more personality and flair. The submissions in the June Sport Diver Snapshots Underwater Photo Contest were no exception. Congratulations to Els Van Den Borre, who took the top honors this month with a stunning photo of a squid. Els won a sweet Gili Gear Bag Pro.

Here's a look at the winning photo and some of the shots that also blew us away this month.

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squid eye

A beautiful close-up view of a squid.

Els Van Den Borre

Judge's Comment: "The extreme crop and sharpness of this eye draw you in to explore the unique and beautiful details of this creature, its delicate patterning, the transparent nature of the eye and the variation in iridescent coloring."


giant octopus photo

A close-up shot of a giant octopus in the Philippines

Natalie Bondarenko

Provided description: Eye of giant octopus with cleaning shrimp Anilao, Philippines


seahorse photo

A west Australian seahorse

Jack Sherriffs

Provided description: A seahorse found when diving at night in the Swan River of Western Australia.

squirrelfish eyes

Squirrelfish stand out with their large eyes.

Timothy Maynard

Provided description: Schooling red squirrel fish keeping an eye on the underwater photographer. Taken in the Cayman Islands.

sea lion pup

A sea lion pup poses for the camera

Jason Sintek

Provided description: I found this friendly sea lion pup playing in a small cave on the island of Espiritu Santo, Sea of Cortez. It stopped for a second as seemed to know how the pose for the camera.

grouper little cayman

An eye-to-eye encounter with a grouper

Sarosh Jacob

Provided description: I encountered this very cooperative grouper in Little Cayman. He seemed very interested in his reflection from my dome port so I was able to capture this portrait just as the light rays were beaming in the background.

parrotfish eyes

A cleaner wrasse sticks close to a parrotfish

Ana Cris Garcia

Provided description: A parrotfish and cleaner wrasse make eye contact with my camera on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

beaked shrimp hawaii

A beaked shrimp

Brian McDaniel

Provided description: A beaked shrimp shot taken off the Hawaiian island of Maui.

crocodile eye

The eye of a crocodile

Eduardo Rodrigues Maris

Provided description: Photo taken last May in Indonesia.

signal blenny mexico

A signal blenny in Mexico

Laurie Slawson

Provided description: Signal blenny photographed in Manzanillo, Mexico

moray eel new zealand

A mosaic moray eel off the coast of New Zealand

Sarah Milicich

Provided description: A mosaic moray comes out for a look. Poor Knights Marine Reserve, New Zealand.