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Aqua Lung Debuts the Comeback of the Double Hose Regulator

Aqua Lung, the world's first Scuba equipment manufacturer, is resurrecting its past by reintroducing the double hose scuba regulator.

The new "Mistral," is a modern version of the original Mistral regulator created in 1958 by Aqua Lung founder Jacques Cousteau. The original Mistral was named after the northerly winds that blow toward the Mediterranean coast of southern France and was used extensively by the U.S. and French navies.

Popularized by Mike Nelson of the 60s TV show, Sea Hunt, double hose regulators use two corrugated hoses that wrap around a divers head; a right one for inhalation and a left one for exhalation. While the old Mistral was state-of-the-art and highly successful in its day, it sadly went the way of most double hose regulators and got replaced with the modern single hose regulators that scuba divers use today.

"Divers miss the many benefits of the double house regulators – plus, they're nostalgic for scuba equipment from the early days," said Don Rockwell, president of Aqua Lung America. "So we combined the best features of the old double hose regulator – including having the bubbles come out from behind the diver's head and not obstructing the field of vision – and updated it with new modern regulator technology."

With the single hose design, a diver has a small diameter hose coming over his right shoulder for inhalation, and exhalation comes out of the mouthpiece in the form of bubbles, obstructing the diver's view. Rockwell says the updated product will appeal to underwater photographers, videographers, ice divers, commercial divers, military divers, search and rescue divers, scientific divers, and an older generation of divers nostalgic for the 'good ol' diving days."

Double hose regulators also perform very well in icy waters where single hose designs could freeze up and quit working. This is because the diver's humid exhalation doesn't pass over the moving parts of the regulator, which could cause ice crystals to form.

The new Mistral is unique in that it uses technology and common parts with Aqua Lung's highly successful Titan regulator. This makes routine servicing easy and available worldwide.

To commemorate this diving industry landmark, Aqua Lung America is releasing 500 limited editions of the Mistral. The Mistral will come in a sophisticated hardwood case with a beautiful PVD finish. The Limited Editions carry a unique serial number and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the President of Aqua Lung.

Available at authorized Aqua Lung dealers across the U.S., the Mistral retails for $900.00 and is available in either a Yoke or DIN version. To find an authorized Aqua Lung dealer near you, log on to or call 760-597-5000.