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First Finathon™ in Philippines – Swimming to End Finning

A love of eating pies and protecting sharks has inspired one scuba diver to make a pledge he may regret! If his fundraising target is met, he’ll swim 1,500 metres. But for every $10 over the target PADI Master Instructor, Andrew Barrett will swim an extra 100 metres. This puts Andrew’s Project AWARE Finathon™ challenge firmly in the hands of his friends. The more dollars people donate the more he’ll have to swim so please give generously to protect sharks.

All funds raised support Project AWARE’s sharks in peril campaign. Andrew brings a sense of humour to his fundraising appeal: “Luckily there are no shark fins or shark products in mince pies! I'm an enormous fan of both sharks and mince pies. Unfortunately the mince pies have expanded my waistline and the Finathon™ is a great way for me to hopefully burn off some of the excess calories and save sharks at the same time. The competition within Calypso Diving is strong and within my competitive nature there can only be two winners — the SHARKS and ME!”

‘’The major problem with protecting any marine life is people are less aware of it as they do not see it from day to day. So awareness and promotion through amazing schemes such as the Finathon™ is great in bringing attention to the aquatic problems and the decline of the sharks,’’ adds Andrew.

Calypso Diving is hosting the first Finathon™ in the Philippines this May before the monsoon season begins. The team occasionally see white-tip and grey reef sharks on the deeper dives but sharks are no longer as common as they once were. Sharks, along with other apex predators, are at the top of the food chain therefore their survival is crucial for the health and wellbeing of the ocean.

Thanks to all the Calypso swimmers on 29 May 2013. Support sharks and donate to the Calypso team or join the Finathon™ and get swimming to end finning.