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Dive Bus Drives Bonaire

Next time you go for a shore dive in Bonaire, how would you like to have a safe place to leave your valuables, right at the dive site? How would you like to have a cool drink while you discuss your dive? How would you like to have spare o-rings, or a disposable camera available for sale if you need them? These things and more are available as the Bonaire Dive Bus makes its debut at shore dive locations this winter. The world-class Bonaire Marine Park coral reef system is prized by divers for its beauty and its abundant sea life. Furthermore, the easy access to its excellent shore diving makes it unique among popular dive destinations. Now, the Bonaire Dive Bus, painted flamingo pink, will provide services designed to improve your shore diving and snorkeling experience. Although the bus will be provided and operated by Photo Tours Divers, enthusiastic support from the Bonairean government and a number of local businesses have helped make it a reality. Pascal de Meyer, Manager of Photo Tours Divers, proudly described the services to be offered. The bus will drive to a selected dive site every day, based on a schedule to be posted in hotels and dive shops. From 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. it will provide a variety of services to enhance the safety, quality and convenience of shore diving and snorkeling. Small lockers for storing wallets, small cameras and car keys, will be available free of charge. Divers will have the option of leaving their cars locked or unlocked, parked near the bus for greater security. Need to get out of the sun? You can relax with a cold drink, snacks, or a light lunch, in the shade of the Dive Bus awning. Underwater cameras will be available for rental, and disposable cameras, spare diving parts, and other items will be on sale. Oxygen and other first aid supplies will be available, administered by a trained first aid technician. The police are planning to establish a direct radio link for emergencies, and there will be a VHS radio link to other dive operations. The bus will contain a fresh water rinse tank for regulators and cameras. There will be a changing room, and later a dry toilet will be added. Small appliances, lights and a refrigerator will be powered by storage batteries, which will be charged overnight and supplemented by four 100-volt solar panels during the day. This is an idea whose time has come. For further information about the Bonaire Dive Bus and Bonaire in general, click on the home page below.