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SCUBAPRO’s Litehawk BC

SCUBAPRO’s Litehawk BC

I’ve been pretty attached to my BC for about eight years, but I was intrigued by the wing design of SCUBAPRO’s Litehawk BC and wanted to try it out on my trip to Grenada in November. This back-buoyancy BC offers a clutter-free harness design with a low-profile, high-lift air cell. The rig carries zero inherent buoyancy, yet it still provides ample padding in the back and lumbar areas, and even partially around the waist. Swivel shoulder buckles allow you to route straps under your arms for a dialed-in fit. What I loved was the stable ride at depth, the rear air cell is controlled by compression straps to maintain a low-profile shape when traveling through the water column, a really nice feature when diving in current. The power inflator is responsive, and exhaust valves allow you to dump lots of air fast. It was so nice that my dive buddy borrowed it for his next trip to Baja. And did I mention how nice and compact it packs?