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Sport Diver Adventures -- Just Back from Puerto Rico!

Ty Sawyer

Ty Sawyer

Sport Diver Adventures -- We're Just Back From Puerto RicoSport Diver spent the last week or so in amazing Puerto Rico -- one of the most diverse and culturally rich islands in the Caribbean -- with 15 of our most adventurous readers!

Read Sport Diver Staff Blogs Check out our adventure in Puerto Rico with Sport Diver Editor Ty Sawyer and Territory Manager Francesca Mariani's photos and blogs giving an insiders' peek into the real Puerto Rico! Click on the SportDiver-Editor blog HERE for Ty's blog and click HERE to see and read about what Francesca's adventures were like, as well. It's just like being there with Sport Diver … read along and experience the diverse diving, cultural heritage, natural wonders, music and food of Puerto Rico.

Participants of this unique trip can submit their story and photographs for possible publication in Sport Diver, as well as their videos for the web. Great prizes from some of the top diving and camera gear manufacturers were awarded to the selected photo/video winners during the trip. The "assignment" granted readers access to an unprecedented array of adventures – participants explored the pristine undersea worlds of Desecheo Island, La Parguera Wall and spent two unbelievable days of non-stop adventure above and below Mona Island, which has been called the Galapagos of the Caribbean. **** Between dives the group was able to gain exclusive entrée to explore the famous river and caverns of Camuy, got a behind-the-scenes peek into the inner workings of Arecibo, discovered the real Gilligan's Island, explored rainforest waterfalls, zip-lined across jungle rivers and rode horeback on deserted beaches. Trip participants were privy to photography and writing seminars, tips and techniques from professional photographer Amos Nachoum, Editor Ty Sawyer and special guests. At the end of the event, the group searched for stories in Old San Juan, then joined together for an exclusive night of culture, food and music at the base of the famous buttress of the 400-year old walled city, hosted by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.