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St. Lucia Dive Guide

High quality shore diving and night diving make St. Lucia special for divers Night diving reveals a colony of inquisitive octopus. What to Expect This island is dominated by the Pitons, a pair of volcanic peaks with choice wall dives and pristine coral reefs that are accessible from the shore. A 15-foot purple worm may be witnessed on night dives, and a periodic current gives experienced divers the choice of drift dives during the day. But Anse Chastenet is considered the most favorable site, with corals, sponges and plenty of reef fish. Some wrecks can be sighted (most notably the Lesleen) in the 60 to 100 foot visibility, and water temps range from 78 to 82 degrees as are the air temps. Look out for seahorses, octopus and electric rays. Tourism and TravelSt. Lucia Tourist, Resorts and OperatorsAnse Chastanet Scuba St. Buddies Dive Fair Helen/St. Lucia Undersea Adventures800-327-8150 or Frog's Marigot Beach Club Hotel & Dive Regency Seasports758-450-9831 Rendezvous Resort758-452-4211 or Sandals Halcyon Sandals St. Scuba St. For more information on St. Lucia dive vacation packages, click onto the Caribbean Adventures home page below.