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Island Profile: St. Vincent & The Grenadines

__This collection of 100 cays and islets extends about 35 miles from St. Vincent at the north to the uninhabited Tobago Cays at the south. Most of the Grenadine archipelago can only be reached by boat, making it perfect for seclusion-seekers such as the rock stars and actors who own most of Mustique Island. While mountainous St. Vincent has extraordinary black-sand beaches, the Grenadines - Bequia, Mayreau, Mustique, Palm Island, Petit St. Vincent - are blessed with whitewashed ones. Just outside of St. Vincent's capital of Kingstown, 20 acres of botanical garden have been under cultivation since 1765. Inland, hikers will delight in the trails that wind through the Buccament Valley rain forest. One of the most visited sights on St. Vincent is the Falls of Baleine, a 70-foot cascade usually visited by boat. Diving here is a macro-photographer's paradise, with critters such as blue-throated pike blennies and seahorses around almost every corner. New Guinea Reef is a black coral paradise and The Forest boasts gorgonians 6 to 10 feet tall. The Garden has an array of small hard corals and black corals and abundant fish. Horseshoe Reef at the Tobago Cays provides a drop-off dive with great color and visibility down to 120 feet. Connecting airline service is available through Puerto Rico on American. Money is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. US$1 = EC$2.70. Departure tax is EC$40 p/p (about US$14).