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60 Second ScubaLab: Cressi Palau Fins

Cressi is creating a better way to snorkel with its Palau fin, a lightweight kicker that combines the convenience and versatility of an adjustable fin with the comfort of a full-foot fin. The compact blade features a soft rubber center panel that's flanked by thermoplastic stiffeners and flexible yet supportive siderails. This combination provides nice blade flex when kicking, and allows you to maintain stability as you move through the water. Since the open-heel foot pocket accommodates a variety of foot shapes and sizes, one pair of Palaus can be shared with other snorkelers in your group, something you usually can't pull off with a full-foot fin. The adjustable strap lets you fine-tune your fit, and the supple rubber foot pocket is so soft you can comfortably wear the fin without a bootie. The Palau comes in a choice of five sizes in yellow, blue and pink. It also comes in a Short Adjustable version.

The bottom line: The Palau's compact size makes it an easy traveling companion. When you reach the water's edge, this lightweight fin dons easily, cinches up snug, and propels you through the water with ease.

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