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Pelican Introduces The New School Of Dive Lights

From the marina to the Great Barrier Reef, Pelican's Nemo Series will feature seven reengineered versions of their most popular submersible dive lights that range from a 2AAA model (good for quick scans in a dive bag) to an 8D model (that will light up just about any situation above or below the waves).

The Nemo Series also features a great new packaging scheme that will offer a sleek, contoured look with industry-specific artwork so it will be at home in any dive shop.

In keeping with Pelican's long tradition of dependable dive lights, most Nemo Series lights feature a double o-ring seal design and submersible ratings of up to 500 feet underwater. Engineered with the brightest and most efficient bulbs and LEDs, the lights are designed to offer maximum run time and visibility for extended underwater adventures. Their industrial-strength polymer construction makes them nearly indestructible and keeps them shining through punishing conditions such as a fall from a wheel house to the deck, onto the rocks or into a cargo hold.

Available in Black, Blue or Yellow, the Nemo Series lights have an MSRP starting at $24.95, and are backed by a Legendary Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence: "You Break It, We Replace It…Forever"™.

The Nemo Series includes:

1900 Nemo™ 2AAA 2000 Nemo™ 3C 2010 Nemo™ 3C LED 2400 Nemo™ 4AA 4100 Nemo™ 8D 4200 Nemo™ 4C 4300 Nemo™ 8C