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Tec divers are on the outer edge of sport diving. They use extensive training and equipment to exceed the limits of mainstream recreational diving – which is to say they make dives that require decompression stops, they dive deeper than 130 feet, and they venture into caves and wrecks more than 130 linear feet from the surface. The key words, though, are "extensive training and equipment." A diver who exceeds recreational limits without tec training and equipment is not a tec diver, but rather a very foolish person.

Where as mainstream recreational diving is for nearly anyone who's interested and meets the health requirements, tec diving is not. The physical and mental demands are higher, and you must be willing to accept substantially higher risk. You also need a good experience base in recreational diving before beginning tec diving.

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DSAT TecRec CoursesDSAT offers Tec Deep Diver and Tec Trimix Diver courses. The TecRec course flow teaches you real-world tec-diving skills in the optimal sequence based on an instructionally valid flow that eliminates meaningless intermediate levels.

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[pagebreak] DiveRite Nitek He Computer Leading-edge tec computer allows you to switch on-the-fly between seven gases including air, nitrox, oxygen and trimix. Computes decompression to about 390 feet; use in gauge-only mode to about 650 feet. MSRP: $995 Mares Plana Avanti QuattroSuited to multiple diving applications, the Quattro is the latest version of the popular Plana design. This composite fin uses a rubber and thermoplastic design that flexes so water flows smoothly through the blade's central channel. This provides efficient power with minimum effort. Available in five colors, small, regular and extra large. MSRP: $119 Oceanic O2 Tech Regulator Oxygen clean out of the box, this dependable piston regulator makes an ideal deco cylinder unit. The O2 Tech is rated to 4400 psi and comes fitted with a 300-bar DIN fitting. MSRP: $425 DiveRite Transpac II with Super Wings Shown with the double-bladder Super Wings, the Transpac II is a system BC. With multi single and double interchangable bladders and all-fabric design, the Transpac handles the heaviest tec diving as well as lightweight tropical recreational diving. The Transpac was designed to endure the abuses of the tec environment. Ideal for sidemount cave diving. MSRP : $318 for harness, $486 for superwings: OMS Backplate and Dual Bladder BCThe harness and backplate with rear-inflation BC is the mainstream approach in tec diving. OMS' version features a steel backplate and high capacity, dual bag, retractable BC especially suited to the rigors of North Atlantic wreck diving. They offer the backplate in aluminum, and multiple BC options (single & dual, w/ & w/o retraction bands) to fit specific dive demands. MSRP: BP 123-S backplate with BC 18-K bladder: $720 SCUBAPRO Mini VIP Pressure GaugeYour basic analog SPG. All mechanical parts. Simple, and just what serious tec divers want. MSRP: $91 ** Scubapro CompassWrist-mounted, rugged and well suited to general tec navigation. MSRP: $59 **Halcyon Secure Harness System with Explorer Wing Halcyon's Secure Harness (backplate) features a five-point attachment, bent D-rings and complete adjustability. The heavy-duty Explorer wing is available in 40-, 55- and 70-lb. lift capacity. MSRP: $496 DiveRite 905 Drysuit The 905 is a shell-style drysuit designed to stand up to tec diving. This suit comes standard with thigh pockets, internal suspenders, protective covers for the neck seal and zipper, and heavy-duty, low-profile boots. Available in black or blue/black. MSRP: $1,800 SCUBAPRO Frameless Mask By eliminating the frame, SCUBAPRO has reduced the mask weight, size and volume for a comfortable fit even after hours on your face. MSRP: $119 Halcyon Helios Light SystemThe Helios light system features NiMH battery technology and HID lightheads with up to four hours burn time. MSRP: $887 OMS Phantom 10 Watt HID Built for the wreck environment and tested to 1,700 feet, this NiMH battery (no memory) HID light penetrates the black for up to four hours. Mountable on waist, between doubles or butt (for sidemount). MSRP: $699 DiveRite Slimline Series Light System A popular, compact primary light for cave and wreck diving. Depth rated to 1,000 feet, the Slimline with MR-11 head has an approximate 4-hour burn time using its NiMH memory-free batteries. This versatile light system adapts itself to almost any tec-lighting need. MSRP: $650