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60:Second ScubaLab: Cressi Nano Mask

Cressi Nano Mask

Designed for free-diving and spearfishing, the Nano mask uses Cressi's new Integrated Frame Design in which the two-piece frame is recessed into the mask's skirt. The dual-lens mask is made to fit very close to the face, allowing divers to move through the water and maneuver in tight spaces with minimal hydro drag. Internal volume is also minimized, so equalizing is much easier, and the angled tempered glass lenses feature an inverted tear-drop shape which provides excellent field of vision, especially in the all- important downward direction. Buckles attach to the frame via flexible tabs which allow them to swivel up and down, and in and out, for the perfect fit. The buckle mechanism provides quick strap adjustment—pull on the strap end to tighten, lift up on the tab to loosen, it’s that easy. Bottom line: the Nano provides a low-profile and comfortable fit to enhance all free-diving pursuits.

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