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Aqua Lung Airsource 3 - March 2009 Editor's Pick

AQUA LUNG AIRSOURCE 3 - Editor's Pick - March 2009 COOL FACTOR With the available adapter rings, the Airsource 3 allows you to use it on almost any BC. KEY FEATURES The Airsource 3 stands out from the crowd with a high-performance balanced second stage well suited to the modern "overbalanced" first stages available today. It's also notable for a redesigned "Trim Grip" in the middle of the hose. This can be tugged at to vent air from the BC, and it houses a bayonet mount that allows for easy detachment of the reg for packing and traveling. The Airsource 3 also uses a standard hose connection between the first and second stages for better performance rather than a quick disconnect. A cutoff valve has been added to shut off air supply to the unit in case of a malfunction. MSRP $230 CONTACT