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Aqua Lung Legend LX-ACD - August 2008 Editors Pick

Editor's Pick-- August 2008


FIRST LOOK If the gold ring on the faceplate isn't enough to show that the Legend is a Cadillac rig, its heft will. It's loaded with cool features, like the ACD (auto-closure device), which automatically seals the first-stage inlet port when taken off a tank, keeping internal parts clean and dry. KEY FEATURES The overbalanced diaphragm first stage is built to increase air flow with increasing depth, and it's environmentally sealed, which reduces the chance for a cold-water freeze-up. Two high-pressure ports and four medium-pressure ports are evenly distributed in the first stage's two sides. The two forward, medium-pressure ports are outfitted with Aqua Lung's Air Turbo System to improve second-stage performance. On the breathing end, the Legend LX has a Venturi adjustment (keeps air flowing once inhalation has started) and an inhalation-resistance adjustment (makes inhalation easier to start). DIVER IMPRESSIONS This combo qualifies as "fullsize," but there's no jaw fatigue thanks to a neutrally buoyant second stage, which also gets the highest marks for ease of use. The large Venturi adjustment and the textured breathing-resistance knob are ideal for glove-wearers. We're also big fans of Aqua Lung's Comfo-Bite mouthpiece: The little bridge across the middle locks the reg in place. Bubble dispersion was excellent, possibly the best in our group. A downside? Perhaps that the first stage is a bit of a beast,but you'll never know it in the water. The performance is well worth the weight. Welove this reg. MSRP $655 CONTACT