ScubaMax FG-03AS/OT-4XAS Balanced Piston Regulator System | Sport Diver

ScubaMax FG-03AS/OT-4XAS Balanced Piston Regulator System

The exceptional ScubaMax FG-03AS/OT-4XAS balanced piston regulator system delivers effortless ultra-high airflow in all diving environments. A flagship regulator that affordably delivers unbeatable performance and exceptional reliability.

FG-03AS 1st Stage * Advanced balanced piston technology * Maximum working pressure of 3500psi (232 bar) * Low pressure port swivel assembly for versatile, convenient positioning * Four intermediate pressure ports and two high pressure ports * A newly enhanced polished chrome-plated brass body
OT-4XAS 2nd Stage * Downstream demand valve with external air intake adjustment * The lever is large and easy to use even with gloved hands * Lightweight polished Aluminum cap ring

The FG-03AS/OT-4XAS Regulator System is at the cutting edge of technology, construction and performance. ScubaMax's flagship regulator offers exceptional airflow and effortless breathing that is virtually independent of depth, temperature and orientation. A sturdy but compact, lightweight design. Typical of ScubaMax diving products, this regulator delivers exceptional performance and value.

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