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How to Choose the Best Scuba Gear for Kids

Selecting Kids Gear

Jon Whittle

Scuba Diving Gear for Kids
The most important factor in selecting scuba diving gear for any diver — but especially kids — is proper fit. The challenge is to make certain your kids understand how a properly fitting piece of scuba equipment is supposed to feel, and ensure they are describing the fit to you correctly. Here are some simple guidelines for picking the basic gear, along with a list of companies that market a selection of kid-specific scuba gear.

Smaller faces need masks designed to fit them. The masks should also have low volume, so they’re easy to clear and be made from soft silicone for comfort. There are lots of fun colors to choose from, too.

Choose a BC with a wraparound air cell that's simple and user-friendly for kids to operate. It should also have as many points of adjustment as possible to dial in a snug fit and grow with your child.

A properly fitting wetsuit is imperative for warmth and protection, so be very selective. However, most big wetsuit brands now carry a selection of kid-friendly suits. Finally, choosing a colorful design will make wearing the wetsuit even more apealling, so encourage your kids to get creative in their wetsuit color choices.

Find fins that offer really flexible blades, since this will make kicking easier on little legs. Additionally, open-heeled fin designs are best to easily adjust to accommodate fast-growing feet.

Select a lightweight second stage with a mouthpiece that fits comfortably in smaller mouths to avoid jaw fatigue. Choose a first stage that has an automatic closing device for longevity.

Kid-Friendly Dive Companies
To outfit your youngster for diving, check out the following companies carrying a selection of child-specific scuba gear.

Masks: Aqua Lung, Cressi, Mares, Bare, Tilos

BCs: Aqua Lung, Oceanic, Aquatec, Zeagle

Fins: Aqua Lung, Cressi, Mares, Aquatec

Regs: Aqua Lung
Wetsuits: **Aqua Lung, Cressi, Body Glove, Bare