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Road Testing Body Glove’s 7mm EVX Wetsuit

Body Glove’s 7mm EVX Wetsuit

A Nice, Warm Neoprene Hug

Cold water is not my preferred environment. As a Florida boy, I start to experience quasi-hypothermic symptoms (probably all in my head) when the mercury dips below 70 degrees. That’s why when I’m headed off on a sub-tropical dive trip I make sure to be prepared. Case in point: a recent mission to New Zealand — and in my dive bag, Body Glove’s 7mm EVX fullsuit.

New Zealand is famous in the dive world for the Poor Knight Islands. Ranked as one of the top ten dive sites in the world, the Marine Reserve is a haven for marine life, from a plethora of colorful nudibranchs to swift king fish, stacks of stingrays and a rainbow of bright jeweled anemones. And water temps that can dip into the 60’s, even during the height of the summer when I traveled there.

Thankfully, the EVX is a strong insulator, and plenty stretchy to ease doning and doffing, even with numb fingers. Constructed with smart placement of forgiving Magna Flex neoprene, the suit also employs thermolite, a woven material, in front and back torso panels to maximize the warmth where it counts in the chest and kidney areas. I also like how the textured areas on the shoulders and back helped to keep BC straps in place, plus save wear on high-friction areas. Overall, the EVX kept my mind off of the cold water so I could pay more attention to the underwater attractions.

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