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How to Clean a New Dive or Snorkeling Mask

If your brand-new dive or snorkeling mask is fogging up for no apparent reason, you may need to take a lighter to it. No, we're not suggesting you set fire to useless gear. This is one way to clean or prep a new dive or snorkeling mask — a necessary step if you want to avoid a foggy mask on your dive.

The reason: dive and snorkeling masks are injected with a releasing chemical that helps with the manufacturing process. But it often makes its way to your lens, causing it to fog up mid-dive. You can use a mask-prep compound or even try scrubbing toothpaste onto the lens, but if you're interested in quickly burning off the chemical, our Gear Editor breaks down the easy process below.

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How To Clean a New Dive/Snorkeling Mask

  • The manufacturing process leaves a silicone film on the mask lens
  • The silicone residue must be removed to keep the mask from fogging
  • You can remove it by scrubbing with toothpaste and your finger — a slow process
  • A quicker method is to burn the silicone with a lighter
  • A long lighter is easier on your fingers
  • Keep the flame about 2 inches from the lens and move it continuously
  • Don’t let any part of the lens or skirt get too hot
  • As it heats, the silicone will fog and then turn to black soot
  • Wipe the soot from the lens
  • With clear or white skirts, wipe away from the skirt to avoid stains