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Kona Classic Guidelines

Kona Classic Underwater Photography and Video Festival

May 13-21, 2006

Guidelines and Procedures

The Kona Classic event is dedicated to providing a healthy, learning, and adventurous experience. The goal is to have divers capture as many images as possible while maintaining the highest regard for the environment, in an atmosphere of friendly competition, expression, and learning.

We are all here to celebrate our love for the marine environment and underwater photography. A number of sponsors have helped make this event special by donating great prizes that acknowledge the "best" images created during the week. Please don't let the spirit of competition overshadow the enjoyment of learning, interaction, safety and camaraderie.

Photo Judging Criteria

All submissions will be judged on four criteria:

  • Technical Quality (lighting, exposure, focus)
  • Difficulty
  • Composition
  • Visual Impact

Environmental Guidelines

The judges will screen all submissions of images for exhibits of any of the following behaviors. If theses behaviors are found in the images or while the images are being captured the images and the individual will be disqualified.

  • Gear dragging or visibly damaging the environment
  • Excessively kicking up sand
  • Animals showing signs of stress
  • Animals viewed in an unnatural state or location
  • Animals being fed
  • Marine life being touched
  • Exhibiting poor buoyancy control
  • Exhibiting behavior that could be considered detrimental to the environment


Open – All eligible photographers of the Kona Classic

Awards Categories to Be Presented


OPEN – Open to Locals & Visitor's

  • Best Macro Image (any image with a reproduction of 1:6 or less)
  • Best Wide Angle Image (any image larger than 1:6) underwater completely
  • Best Topside Photo
  • Best Diver Image · Best Photojournalist set (a series of 6-10 images that tell a story of the essence/experience of a destination)
  • Best Overall Image Of The Competition


  • Best Turtle Image
  • Best Manta Ray Image
  • Best Diver Image

Reef Check - Special Open Photo Category

Best Indicator Species Shot

VIDEO Category –Open to Locals & Visitor's

  • Best Video Of The Competition

Image & Video Submissions and Guidelines

  • Participants may enter one submission in each category.
  • Only images taken during the actual date and time of the event are eligible for the competition
  • Digital images may be entered that have NOT been manipulated by Photo-shop or other image manipulation software, except as follows:
  • An image may be manipulated by software for contrast, brightness, and color only
  • No image can be manipulated to remove backscatter
  • No image can be cropped
  • Judges will have the final say as to whether an image or video was taken during the festival
  • Any individual submitting images dishonestly will be disqualified from the competition