Photos from Diving in Jupiter, Florida, with SeaLife Cameras

Underwater photography isn’t just for expert divers, which is why SeaLife Cameras brought divers of all skill levels together for two days of hands-on underwater photography training in Jupiter, Florida. The two-day event allowed divers to capture life underwater with SeaLife’s extensive line of photo and video equipment, incorporating topside training and a full day of diving with SeaLife’s easy-to-use Micro 2.0 waterproof camera, a full setup of dive lights and accessories, and the all-new SeaLife DC2000 camera.

Nurse shark underwater in Jupiter, Florida

A nurse shark swims through the water in Jupiter, Florida. The moment was captured with a SeaLife Camera during the SeaLife Demo Days with Jupiter Dive Center.

David Rhea

On Friday June 2, guests were joined by SeaLife Representative David Rhea during a hands-on presentation and overview of SeaLife’s diverse line of camera equipment. The event and diving took place at at Jupiter Dive Center.

During the presentation, Rhea discussed three of SeaLife’s latest products: the SeaLife Micro 2.0, the SeaLife DC2000 and the Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Light. The permanently sealed Micro 2.0 is completely waterproof without a housing to depths of 200 feet/60 meters. The camera is equipped with a 16MP SONY image sensor and 130-degree fisheye lens, and it shoots full 1080p HD videos at 60fps. Divers new to underwater photography loved the three-button controls to change the camera settings, and the automatic color-correcting features built in.

The DC2000 is perfect underwater camera for divers who have outgrown their point-and-shoot or are ready to graduate to a new system. The DC2000 shoots in both RAW and JPEG modes, and can be set automatically or manually to dial in your perfect settings. It features four underwater modes, 25 topside modes and provides crisp, clear photos and 1080p HD videos. The easy-to-use camera is waterproof to 60 feet without its custom housing; with the housing, the DC2000 is waterproof to 200 feet.

Rhea also discussed the powerful Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Light, which connects quickly and easily to nearly any brand of underwater camera. As its name suggests, the Sea Dragon packs a powerful 2300 lumens and a wide 100-degree angle beam that evenly illuminates without creating hotspots. The light burns for an hour at full-power, and is depth rated to 330 feet/100 meters. When the Sea Dragon is combined with the Micro 2.0 or the DC2000, it creates a professional-quality camera rig that’s perfect for photographers of all skill levels. And to prove that, event attendees took the cameras out for two-tank test dives with Rhea and Jupiter Dive Center.

The boat left bright and early on Saturday June 3 for a day of diving and photography. During the lazy-river-like drift dive above stunning corals and sponges, the divers excitedly captured their favorite underwater moments with SeaLife Cameras.

For more information on the Micro 2.0, the DC2000 and the Sea Dragon 2300, go to

Photos from the SeaLife Dive Days

Green moray eel seen scuba diving in Jupiter, Florida

Green moray eels are often found by divers offshore from Jupiter Florida.

Billy C.

Scuba Diver with Camera Underwater in Jupiter, Florida

A diver reviews the underwater photo he captured during the SeaLife Demo Days in Jupiter, Florida.

David Rhea

Reef shark seen scuba diving in Jupiter, Florida

This reef shark was one of the many marine creatures divers saw in Jupiter, Florida, during SeaLife Camera's Demo Days with Jupiter Dive Center.

David Rhea

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