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Holiday Gear Guide: 30 Gift Ideas for Divers

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The DS161 Lithium is one of the brightest strobes around. the diffused 500-lumen beam is ideal for close-up video and focusing, and it’s a convenient way to add video lighting to a camera rig.


**Powerful features in a compact, rugged package make this system a favorite of underwater photographers who want to travel light.

Camera: $349.99; Strobe: $539; Underwater Housing: $900,

**This is the first rebreather-compatible dive computer that is wristwatch-size. With four modes — air, mixed gas, CCR and gauge — and a new algorithm for CCR, technical and recreational diving, this is one serious data-cruncher.

$1,699 to $2,099,

If you’re looking for the ultimate in regs, the all- titanium T3 is a diver’s dream come true. Ultra- light and super cool, it’s loaded with ground- breaking features, and is virtually unbeatable when it comes to sheer breathing performance.


Cressi Spring 3.5 MM Wetsuit

Made from ultraspan neoprene, this cozy suit features glued and blind-stitched seams to keep water out and body heat in. Water-blocking wrist, ankle and neck seals are made with aquastop smooth-skin, a thoughtful design feature that divers will come to love.


Aqua Lung Axiom BC

This comfortable and stable jacket-style BC incorporates a superb integrated-weight system, efficient valves, excellent padding and long list of convenience features


Sherwood Amphos DC

You won’t find another wristwatch-style dive computer with as many dive features, plus full time-keeping functions, for this price. offering four operating modes — air, nitrox, gauge and free diving — it’s also simple to use.


Bare Velocity 5 MM Full Wetsuit

When the water’s chilly, the Velocity — built with high-stretch materials for comfort, range of motion and durability — will keep a diver warm. The double- glued seams and excellent seals add to the suit’s quality of workmanship.


Mares Prime MRS BC

The Prime MRS offers a level of in-water performance that inspires confidence. it comes in a good range of sizes, offers lots of buoyant lift, and has a responsive weight system for a comfortable, controlled ride.


Cressi Giotto Dive Computer

This wrist-mounted data cruncher is loaded with lots of features, including a deep-stop option and a gauge mode. the large screen is easy to read, and there are three control buttons to navigate.


Apeks Flight Twilight Reg

Lightweight and compact, the Flight is an ideal reg for the traveling diver. It comes with its own bag, and this twilight version matches Aqua Lung’s line of gear for women.


Sperry Top-Sider Shock Light Bungee with ASV

Designed to dampen the effects of shock and vibration for a more comfortable day on the water, these boat shoes not only feel good, they look even better.


Ultralight Pistol Grip Set for GoPro

Wrapping a GoPro camera for your favorite diver? Add this pistol grip set to the package. The assembly includes a handle with ball, a clamp for the light, and a tripod mount for the camera. Easy to carry, easy to shoot.


ScubaPro MK17/G260 Reg

This rugged breather is built for low-temperature environments, but you don’t have to be a cold-water diver to appreciate all it offers. Deep depths and aggressive breathing rates don’t bother this reg a bit.


Tusa M-212 Freedom Ceos Mask

The Ceos features a skirt-mounted buckle, and is available in a PRO version with crystalview optical glass treated with anti-reflective UV-coating. Corrective lenses are compatible and available from TUSA.


Sealife DC1400 Reef Edition

Shoot stunning underwater stills and hd video with the DC1400 Reef Edition, an easy-to-use camera with SeaLife’s new fisheye lens. The amazing 16mm lens increases field of vision by 80 percent and adds an ultrawide perspective, and the portable package fits nicely in the provided travel case.


Tilos Panoramic SG Mask

The huge, clear view a diver gets with this mask is due to the tempered- glass dual front lenses that are teamed with a pair of side lenses.


Sherwood Scuba Gemini Inflator Reg

This sharp-looking unit is an easy, dry breather when used as a backup reg. It also does a great job as a Bc power inflator, thanks to a slim profile and diver-friendly control buttons.


Scubapro Spectra Trufit Mask

Divers searching for a mask that offers an expansive underwater view and a super-soft, comfortable skirt that seals well need look no further — you’ve found your Trufit.


Polar Pro Slim Frame Red Glass Filter

Made for GoPro’s Hero3, this easy-to-use glass snap-on filter improves underwater colors for video. It comes with a tether, storage bag and cleaning cloth.


Sherwood Axis BC

For divers who prefer back buoyancy, the axis delivers the goods. it’s a top-rated Bc in both functions and features, plus it offers stability and comfort at depth.


ScubaPro Profile Full Wetsuit

The diver on your list probably has a closetful of sweaters, but does he have a wetsuit that blends style and function for diving in warmer waters? The profile is perfect in every way: double-blind-stitched outer seams help keep water out and single- blind-stitched inner seams enhance comfort.


ScubaMax FN-350 Camero Fin

A full-size fin with a flexy blade, the side bars channel water more efficiently for a smoother kick. Soft rubber foot pockets make these fins as comfy as your favorite shoes.


Nikon Photo Package by Ikelite

The Nikon Coolpix L28 camera and housing system is depth rated to 200 feet, and delivers high-quality 20.1-megapixel still shots as well as 720p HD video.


Mares Avanti Quattro+ Fin

The sturdy blade and flexy tip of the quattro+ produce a propulsive snap that rockets a diver through the water.


Ikelite Gamma Led Light

Small enough to tuck inside a BCpocket or board shorts, this sleek aluminum torch pumps out a lot of illumination. Looking for a camera light? The gamma can be fitted with diffusers or filters.



Looking for an entry into video? Backscatter’s GoPro package — with hero3 Black edition that shoots 1080p video at 60 fps, flip filter and stabilizing tray — will make you a pro in no time.


Vivid-Pix Software

You’re back from a dive holiday with hundreds of underwater photos — a few are decent, most are blah. Unless you’re willing to spend hours in Photoshop fiddling with tools you don’t understand, those photos will never see the light of day. Vivid-Pix easy-to-use software takes away the guesswork (and time), allowing you to easily turn blah and good shots into great ones with a simple click of a button. In Mac or PC, Vivid Pix allows you to shoot first, edit later with better peace of mind.; $49.99

Revo Guide Small with Flotation Buoy

A good pair of shades is essential for when you’re on the water; Revo’s Guide Small not only look cool, they offer excellent protection too. Made from 100% recycled polymer resins, the nylon frames of the Guide Small are lightweight and extremely durable. Revo’s High Contract Polarized lenses block glare and selectively filters light for an incredibly vivid and clear natural colors. And a detachable leash attached to a small buoy gives you peace of mind both on land and water.


Sperry Top-Sider H2O Escape Bungee

New for 2014 is Sperry’s H2O Escape Bungee, an amphibious shoe featuring channels in the midsole that help water escape more quickly. With a lightweight fabric upper and midsole construction it is the perfect footwear for divers looking to streamline their luggage — lightweight, comfortable, quick to put on/off and fast-drying, you can wear H2O Escapes on the plane (they look great with pants) or on the beach between dives.


Uzzi Hats

Show the world you love diving and protect your gorgeous face with an Uzzi dive hat. Choose from the loud-and-proud “Big Dive” hat, or the worn-look “Dive With Attitude.” Both are made out of 100% cotton and one-size-fits-all (the “Dive With Attitude” features a Velcro back), and come in four super colors to match with any gear you’ve got.; $20

YETI Tundra 35

Be the belle of the boat when, at the end of an awesome diving day, you pop open a cooler bursting with snacks and ice-cold beers. Ultra-portable, the YETI Tundra 35 packs up to 20 cans of your favorite drinks, and with two inches of cold-retaining insulation and extra-thick walls you can be sure they’ll be ice cold. Non-slip feet keep it from sliding around on a boat deck, and its friendly dimensions — 21” x 16” x 15.5” — mean it will store virtually anywhere. $279.99;

Every diver deserves something special this holiday season, and thanks to this collection of budget-spanning gift ideas, your shopping just got a whole lot easier. From cool accessories to serious gear, you’ll find it in our 2013 gift guide — all you need to do is figure out who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.