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Legendary Saint Lucia – The Perfect Destination for Your Diving Vacation

Legendary Saint Lucia offers some of the most scenic and dramatic settings the Caribbean has to offer both above and below its crystalline seas. Saint Lucia’s fantastically warm weather (78-80°F), protected bays and its rugged complexities have been irresistible for eons. A steady flow of dive enthusiasts, who need only wet suits for high adventure, come to feel a deep connection with the cerulean waters that surround this volcanic, legendary island jewel.

Saint Lucia boasts over 22 prime dive spots throughout the island at Pigeon Island, Anse la Raye, landmark mountains - Petit and Gros Piton , Soufriére and Vieuxfort. Barrel of Beef near Pigeon Island National Park delivers a 15-meter dive of underwater canyons where you’ll see massive Lobsters, Triggerfish and large schools of Southern Senetts, relatives of the Barracuda. Anse la Raye offers an area of protected marine park where you can swim with turtles or southern rays through mammoth boulders formed from ancient volcanic explosions.

In Soufriére, you can explore the under sea world of Fairyland and drift dive along the brilliantly colored coral and sponge encrusted wall. Trumpet fish, filefish and seahorses find refuge in the four seamounts that rise from the depth to just a few feet from the surface of the water at Pinnacles. Trou Diable, the “Devil’s Hole”, lies to the north of Pinnacles and presents divers the chance to see large barrel sponges, and schools of chromis and grunts.

Superman’s Flight is at the very base of Petit Piton and was the setting in the heroic movie scene where the superhero flies between Gros and Petit Piton to pick a rose for Lois Lane. Divers enter the water at the base of Petit Piton. This sloping wall dive has a depth of around 461 meters, and provides some of the most thrilling drift diving experiences in the world. Divers will marvel at the massive fluorescent purple Sponges, Sea Lilies, and large Gorgonians found at this dive site. In the shallows, of the sloping ledge, divers may encounter the ghostly yellowhead jawfish, as it hovers above its burrow in the sand at the Piton Wall. Swim through an underwater jungle of thick sea plumes at Coral Gardens where a diver might catch a glimpse of the red-rimmed tail of the unusual sargassum trigger fish.

Divers can experience Saint Lucia’s extraordinarily diverse ecosystem through a variety of dive excursions. Choose one or all four … the choice is yours. Shore diving off the Anse Chastanet reef for a chance encounter with The Thing, Saint Lucia’s legendary sea monster. Boat diving along the breathtaking wall beneath the legendary Piton Mountains. Wreck diving through the 165-foot sunken freighter Lasleen M. For the more adventurous, consider night diving … the Caribbean sea comes alive after dark. Over 200 species of fish, marine life and spectacularly dramatic underwater slopes that plunge to depth of more than 460 meters await the daring diver. Up close and personal, underwater life is an unforgettable and legendary frontier.


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