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Underwater Scooters For DPV Scuba Divers

There’s a scooter for every type of scuba diver, from shallow-reef explorers to advanced cave trekkers. Here are four of the top models, with different features and pricing to suit your dive priorities and budget.

Sea-Doo RS1 Seascooter

Sea-Doo RS1 Seascooter scuba diving DPV

Sea-Doo RS1 Seascooter
The RS1 Seascooter is great for recreational scuba divers.

Courtesy Sea-Doo

This convenient and light-weight DPV was made with recreational scuba divers in mind. The Sea-Doo RS1 is equipped with a GoPro mount and has a self-filling ballast hull for neutral buoyancy. It features three rotational speeds with a cruise control. It is powered by rechargeable and replaceable Li-ion batteries.

Battery Life 90 minutes | Depth Rating 130 feet | Speed 4.35 mph | Weight 20.5 pounds
Price $1,449.99 | Contact amazon.com

Tusa SAV-7 EVO2

Tusa SAV-7 EVO2 DPV scooter scuba diving

Tusa SAV-7 EVO2
This tech-focused DPV is built with a hands-free riding saddle.

Courtesy Tusa

The quick, responsive speed control on the Tusa's latest DPV really makes the tech-focused SAV-7 EVO2 stand out. It's built with a hands-free riding saddle and an LED battery life indicator. Fold out wings on both sides of the saddle can accommodate additional scuba divers.

Battery Life 120 minutes | Depth Rating 230 feet | Speed 2.8 mph | Weight 45 pounds
Price $3,599 | Contact tusa.com

SubGravity Reference RS

SubGravity Reference RS DPV underwater scooter scuba diving

SubGravity Reference RS
The Reference RS DPV is known for powerful thrust and long-lasting battery life.

Courtesy SubGravity

Made for experienced DPV divers, the compact Reference RS is known for powerful thrust and long-lasting battery life. This sleek looking DPV has a boost function for traversing narrow openings with heavy current or for starting up with heavy loads. It is built with a number of safety features including an emergency bypass control and automatic prop stop.

Battery Life 4.33 hours | Depth Rating 656 feet | Speed 3.18 mph | Weight 42 pounds
Price $6,995 | Contact sub-gravity.com

Indigo Industries Nautilus GLH

Indigo Industries scuba diving DPV jetpack

Indigo Industries Nautilus GLH
This DPV attaches to your tank for a hands-free propulsion.

Courtesy Indigo Industries

Who wouldn't love an underwater jetpack? The new Nautilus GLH, with two 35-watt motors, attaches to your tank and directs the thrust behind you and out of your face.

Battery Life 30 minutes | Depth Rating 120 feet | Speed 4 mph | Weight 20 pounds
Price $2,100 | Contact indigo-industries.com

Anatomy of a DPV

While there are many different types of DPVs, they all share these features.

Controls Most models use a trigger mechanism to activate propulsion. Other user interfaces can include speed control, lights and camera attachments.

Propeller Safety is increased with protective housings to prevent accidental appendage intrusion. Some technical-diving models, however, have open designs to reduce drag and increase performance.

Battery Power sources range in material from nickel-cadmium to lithium-ion, offering a range from as little as 15 minutes to several hours. And it’s all sealed with thick O-rings that must be carefully inspected and lubricated after every charge.

Buoyancy To suit the diver’s purpose, most models can be adjusted from slightly buoyant to prevent loss, to completely neutral for maximum efficiency and slightly negative for stable parking.

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