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BEYOND THE DEEP - A Book About Serious Diving

BEYOND THE DEEP:_The Deadly Descent Into the World's Most Treacherous Caveby Bill Stone and Barbara Am Endewith Monte Paulson Imagine 44 days with no sunlight... and spending half of them suspended from rope. Imagine 44 days underground in the world's most treacherous cave. Imagine 44 days beyond the deep. In 1994, an elite team of international explorers led by experts Bill Stone and Barbara Am Ende took on that challenge in their perilous journey into Huautla (pronounced: WOW-tla)-long considered a caver's ''Holy Grail.'' In _BEYOND THE DEEP, written with Monte Paulson, you'll join Stone and Ende on their life-threatening journey through the spellbinding terrain, ultimately going further than any cave diver ever has. Not only does the Huautla cave system have the geologic potential of being the world's deepest cave, it is considered the most dangerous to penetrate-the Mount Everest of caves. In BEYOND THE DEEP, you'll travel with the authors and a team of explorers through their record-breaking trip into Huautla, facing unimaginable challenges such as: • A journey underground that would be analogous to burrowing from New York City to Trenton • Using a rigging that consisted of three kilometers of nylon climbing rope • The negotiation of 655 meters of maze-like underwater passages, using a Stone-invented revolutionary breathing device • Numerous injuries and a tragic death that left Stone and am Ende, the least experienced diver, the only team members willing to press on • An eighteen-day, record-setting trek by the duo with virtually no backup, which set a hemispheric depth record BEYOND THE DEEP is an extraordinary tale of adventure, curiosity, courage, and determination. About the AuthorsBill Stone is considered the Jacques Cousteu of caving. He has led or participated in 44 international expeditions, including 16 to the Huautla Plateau-which translates to 297 days cumulatively working in total darkness. Barbara Am Ende is a geologist who, with the addition of her record-breaking Huautla expedition, she is a member of the National Speleological Society, has a Ph.D. in geology, and has been dubbed world's deepest woman. Monte Paulsen is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer. Acclaim for BEYOND THE DEEP: ''I did it as a boy and felt the elation and the terror of speleology. And now comes this wonderful account of the ultimate experience below the surface of the Earth.''-William F. Buckley, Jr. ''BEYOND THE DEEP describes one of the most significant achievements of modern exploration, with personal stories that make this an exciting, page-turning read. In the shadow of a charismatic and famous boyfriend, a woman comes forward to show us what we're capable of under the most stressful conditions imaginable. While tougher men turned back, Barbara Am Ende proves herself the most loyal and gutsy member of the expedition team, and in so doing becomes a true inspiration and role model for women and girls everywhere.''-Hazel A. Barton, Ph.D., co-star of the IMAX film, ''Journey into Amazing Caves'' ''At long last, an epic to stand beside the adventure classics by Jon Krakauer and Sebastian Junger. BEYOND THE DEEP is Into Thin Air without the mountain, The Perfect Storm without the sea. From the opening page-which show a cave diver creeping blind and upside-down a vertical mile beneath the surface-BEYOND THE DEEP plunges you into a tubular heart of darkness. Expedition leader Stone is Captain Ahab with a PhD, Columbus with a rope and dive tank, driving his crew of explorers-and us-deep into the bowels of the earth, through a landscape beyond imagining.''-Jeff Long, author of The Descent ''The lure of the unknown, history repeatedly shows, inspires feats of engineering and audacity that would remain undreamt were all of our horizons within our grasp. Before reading BEYOND THE DEEP, a riveting account of one of the most treacherous cave descents ever, I'd thought there could be no environment as alien as the lunar surface. No more. All the more impressive is that Stone and am Ende scrabbled into this impossibly deep hole and overcame lethal obstacles not under humanity's watchful eyes but in relative anonymity.''-Edwin E. ''Buzz'' Aldrin _BEYOND THE DEEP:_The Deadly Descent Into theWorld's Most Treacherous Caveby Bill Stone and Barbara Am Endewith Monte Paulson A Warner Books HardcoverPublication date: June 18, 2002$26.95 FPT352 pagesISBN: 0-446-52709-2Available at neighborhood book stores, chain stores or online.