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The Fish and the Famous

When Beneath the Sea 2003 opens Friday, March 28th at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey an important part of their opening proceedings will be a Friday night reception sponsored by the Diving America Group, Inc.: "The Fish and the Famous" making the dreams of children come true.

The Fish and the Famous party this night is being held to support a unique project that is a part of the new Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center that Ocean Pals and its Seas of Tomorrow Society will sponsor. At the hospital, the creation of "A World of Water" will recreate some of the worlds most beautiful and vibrant sea life. Imagine, if you will, a stream of water over your head that warps into a wall of water, which wraps around it to become a room of water, this is the aquarium. Through it, a tunnel, large enough for a child in a wheelchair to enter, runs through the center of the aquarium. Once inside this tunnel, fish swim over their head and along the walls that surround them. This underwater world has become a snug harbor, a port in life's storm.

This night, thanks to the generosity and sponsorship of the Diving America Group, Inc. representing Mares, Dacor and Sporasub, on hand to lend their special fire to the celebration will be the men who take the Diving America Group products into the field and press them to the extremes the equipment is designed to handle -- Barry Clifford , Discovery Channel Scholar, Underwater Explorer, and the only person to discover the lost Pirate shipwrecks of history and their treasure - and Dr. Johan Reinhard, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, High Altitude Archaeologist, Explorer of lost cities and cultures, and discoverer of the awe-inspiring mummified Ice Maiden from the Bronze Age. During the evening, both Dr. Johan Reinhard and Barry Clifford will present out of the ordinary glimpses into the work that have made their careers and discoveries so exceptional.

To accomplish this goal, Ocean Pals', Sea Of Tomorrow Society needs your support. Rebecca and Marty Eisenberg and the Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg Foundation have graciously provided funding for the creation and installation of this project, but it is only through your generosity that we can hope to achieve the: Ocean Pals, Seas of Tomorrow Society ongoing support to include the purchase and acquisition of the underwater environment.

Under the skilled baton of Maestro Captain Steve Nagiewicz as emcee, many of the famous will rally-round to make this evening an extraordinary success. At the party will be Ralph White, Filmmaker, submersible Commander and. Quite frankly, the man with more time on the bridge of the Titanic than its Captain - Marvin Jones, Linebacker for the New York Jets football team along with a promise of some of his team mates to join him - Al Giddings , Underwater-Oscar-Nominated Director/Cameraman for such movies as "The Deep," "The Abyss," "Titanic," and the James Bond movies, "Never Say Never Again," and "For Your Eyes Only"- Dr. Phil Nuytten august and successful member of the diving business community whose DeepWorker (The Underwater Sports Car) has recovered space shuttle parts for NASA , and worked with the National Geographic Society in deep ocean environmental studies, his life and work were the subject of an hour-long special, "Descent of Man."

Vito Acconci is the artist that created this glorious experience -- an experience that will have a significant impact for all children confronting a serious illness or injury. It is another world, a small world, where, for as long as they are suspended in watery time and space, they can be free of the haunting of their illness, its fear, its stress, its all-consuming anxiety. When free of these burdens, the child can find the hope, the joy, and the peace of mind so important to the healing process. It is for all these reasons that Ocean Pals, through its Seas of Tomorrow Society has committed itself to nurture this "World of Water" and to add the strengths of Beneath the Sea and Ocean Pals to the real and symbolic life expressed in it.

Won't you please join us Friday, March 28th at Beneath the Sea, when the Diving America Group, Ocean Pals, and the Sea's of Tomorrow Society come together to present an evening with the Fish and the Famous. It is only though your help and support that they can make this dream of healing for the children come true.

Beneath The Sea's, Ocean Pals Project is a nationwide Arts-In- Education program designed for children. Its purpose is to educate children on the fragility of the marine environment. We believe that by teaching children now to care for the oceans, we can make a difference tomorrow.

For information on how you can become involved in this exciting project, call JoAnn Zigahn, Ocean Pals at (914) 961-2088 - or, on the Internet go to



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