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Photography Tips: Damselfish


Tim Ho

I was swimming at about 50 feet under a jetty when I noticed a family of damselfish swimming in and out of this beer bottle. As I came closer, one fish swam inside and stayed inside. My first intention was to shoot the damselfish peeking out of the bottle.

After waiting for a while and not having any luck, I moved in closer. I had a +4 close-up lens mounted and was set on program mode. I zoomed in until the entire frame was within the bottleā€™s mouth. I shifted to a small AF frame and waited to lock onto the eye. The initial shots were very green, and I manually set white balance on the white sand inside the bottle.

My Equipment

Camera: Canon Powershot S95

Lens: 6.0-22.5mm

Settings: 1/6 sec; f/3.5 aperture; ISO200


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