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Bountiful Bloody Bay Wall

The most amazing vertical drop-off in the Caribbean

Bloody Bay Wall is regarded as the most breathtaking drop-off in the Caribbean. Some dive travelers have even described this coral wall as one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the Diving World. And I must admit that no matter how many times you dive this place, Bloody Bay is indeed awesome

This remarkable formation begins at a shallow depth of 22 to 30 feet, and falls away to the abyssal depth of 1,000 feet. This wall is so vertical that you feel like a skydiver hanging in space. The visibility is so clear that you can see the wall 200 feet to the left, to right and directly below. It is the most amazing undersea panorama that you can imagine. You feel so small in the vastness of this towering cliff face.

Once you overcome the awe this undersea space walk, you begin to discover the bounty of this spectacular wall. One of the most prominent features is the brilliant array of exotically colored sponges. A rare form platinum-yellow tube sponges punctuate the cliff face like splashes of color from a painter¿s palette. These unusual sponges are the purest, brightest yellow that you will ever encounter, and they only seem to grow on Little Cayman and neighboring Cayman Brac walls.

The yellow sponges are only the beginning. You soon notice cream-colored vase sponges, emerald-green tube sponges, red rope sponges and heart shaped azure blue vase sponges. Some of the most stunning formations are the luscious orange vase sponges and the brilliant red basket sponges. The color variations are the most prolific in the Cayman Islands.

The bounty of Blood Bay Wall is by no means limited to colorful sponge and a straight-down wall. The fish life comes into focus as you notice many sets of eyes curiously observing your journey. Concentrated along top and lip of the wall is a fascinating collection of equally colorful characters.

A gang of 3 to 4 beautifully big-lipped Nassau groupers stalk your movements. Their black & white markings look like prison stripes. A rather cheeky Queen Triggerfish flashes its colors as it challenges your presence. A brightly color Yellow Coney timidly peeks out from its coral hiding place. Silver-sided jacks nervously scoot past as they eyeball your exhaust plume. Most of the fish are unafraid of divers because Bloody Bay Wall is securely within a Marine Park and wildlife is protected.

Bloody Bay Wall is actually a string of more than a dozen dive sites that run along the edge of the wall, paralleling the shoreline. Here are three dive sites typical of Bloody Bay. Three Fathom Wall is the first dive site in this string.. It is here that the wall comes within 18 feet of the surface. It is one of the few

vertical drop-offs in the Caribbean that can be easily seen by snorkeling. The face of the wall in this area is somewhat broken up by several small canyons and crevices. There is one winding ravine at a depth of 60 feet that finally turns into a coral tunnel and leads to a high vaulted cavern beneath the reef.

Marilyn's Cutis a hot spot for fish action. At the very lip of the wall the area features a large, 15 pound Nassau grouper and a school of smaller ones. A school of horse-eye jacks is often seen cruising around this dive site. It offers an opportunity to explore a combination cave and vertical crevice that forms a chimney. This spot has lots of Nassau groupers and squirrelfish, plus a pair of friendly brown coneys. A large, blood red sponge is one the wall.

Randy's Gazebois another splendid dive site

where the wall drops straight away into the deep blue. The top of this wall is loaded fascinating creatures like Sailfin Blennies, Arrow Crabs, Octopus andDiamondhead Bleannies. Black durgeon triggersih patrol the waters above the coral. A very friendly yellow coney often greets the divers and hams it up for underwater photographers. A red hind sit motionless at a cleaner station as blue cleaner shrimp pluck parasites from its gills.

List of Dive Sites on Bloody Bay Wall: Three Fathom Wall Marylin's Cut Donna's Delight Randy's Gazebo Great Wall East Great Wall West Lea Lea's Lookout McCoy's Wall Coconut Walk Barracuda Bite Joy's Joy Jigsaw Puzzle Fisheye Fantasy


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