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Go on Assignment in Curacao with Sport Diver magazine


Get Published! Opportunity knocks in August 2009. If you've ever wanted to share your vision and stories with more than 200,000 of your closest peers, here's your chance. Set aside the week of Aug. 1-9 and join me (Ty Sawyer), Sport Diver Editor as we seek out the pulse of Curaçao. More than many other destinations in the Caribbean, Curaçao ripples with a huge variety of stories. You want bustling culture, night life, food, music, history -- it's all here. You want world-class wrecks, walls, incredible night diving and a varied and pristine underwater world -- it's here (and wrapped in crystal-clear blue water). We're taking along a small group of budding photojournalists on a Sport Diver assignment. We will mentor, inspire and help you find the heart of your story, and help you find and capture images that show the heartbeat of your experience. We've left plenty of time in the itinerary for you to explore the island to find a unique story, along with plenty of group dives to give you a solid overview of the variety of experiences available. But the best part is you'll be able to write a story and/or submit your images for consideration for publication. At least one of the participants' stories will be showcased in Sport Diver, and the rest will appear exclusively on www.sportdiver.com. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to see your work in Sport Diver.


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