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Ready For Anything

Diver observes a rare Chambered Nautilus. At Neco Marine in Palau, "no problem" is the only time you'll them say ''no'' - no matter what the request. We made all our arrangements with Neco Marine Dive Shop by e-mail for our group from San Francisco. MEETING & GREETING:After the long flight across the Pacific, 14 very tired travelers arrived at the front desk of the Palau Pacific Hotel. I was very relieved to be met by Bert Yates who with his wife, Jan, manages the Neco Marine dive operation. Bert was waiting there in the middle of the night to discuss and reconfirm our diving arrangements that up to now had been only loose internet verbiage. Bert confirmed he did have a big dive boat dedicated solely to our group that would take us to all the special sites we wanted to dive in Palau. Our group of dyed-in-the-wool underwater photographers had definite ideas about where and how we wanted to dive. SPECIAL REQUESTS:"Long bottom times," I insisted. "No problem," Bert replied, "We'll just get started a little earlier." "Slide film processed every day?" I asked, knowing this was critical to the success of any underwater photography seminar that we had planned. "No problem, just turn it in to the shop and you'll have it the next morning," Bert said without missing a beat. He clearly was prepared for all our idiosyncrasies and any potential complications. Nothing I threw his way that late evening we arrived in Palau ruffled Bert's calm demeanor. He was cool with all of it. And sure enough, the operation delivered. DELIVERING ON PROMISES:During our five days of diving, Neco Marine provided an oversized, overpowered boat that arrived on time. The boat came with freshwater rinse capability, extra tanks, lunch for everybody and a crew equipped with the local knowledge and skill that ensured that we got the most out of every dive. Bert and Jan even organized every detail when we threw them the major curveball: "Martha and I'd like to have an underwater wedding in Chandelier Cave with all our friends there." Bert's stoic response: "sure, no problem." And that's the way it went: Big currents, big sharks, big photography, big wedding and no big problems. Just another day in this Pacific paradise. For reservations or information on traveling to, and diving, Palau, click on the home pahe below. For information about Palau's best known resort, click on the home page below. For general information about Palau, click on th home page below.


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