PUERTO RICO – WHERE TO DIVE Puerto Rico offers abundant coral reefs, colorful fish, large animals, amazing visibility and warm waters year-round. From shallow, sandy-bottom dives offering an amazing visual display of color and sealife to deeper dives offering exciting swim-throughs, arches, pinnacles and walls … there is a dive experience of a lifetime just waiting to be explored. For more information about diving Puerto Rico and to see a Purto Rico virtual tour, visit sportdiver.com/puertorico and for more on Puerto Rico and its amazing diving visit gotopuertorico.com. Sandslide At 15 to 70-feet, Sandslide offers a beautiful array of coral from sheet to elkhorn to brain coral. Here you'll also see an impressive diversity of marine life including manatees, dolphins, turtles, barracudas, moray eels, cowfish, octopus and groupers. The Wall Enjoy a dive on this wall abundant with numerous sponges, sea fans and coral. At 17 to 75 feet, this dive offers Queen triggerfish, spotted eagle rays, schools of goatfish and parrotfish. Check out the many hiding lobsters. Hourglass A sandy bottom dive at 15 to 50 feet, Hourglass will impress you with its tiny caves inhabited by octopus, grouper and eels. You will also find small nurse sharks, conch, lobster and squid here. Geniqui Caves If you are interested in a little more adventure, bring your flashlight and dive into this amazing underwater cave system. Cayo Ballena Cayo Ballena offers a 120-foot wall. It's a deep dive that provides some of the most beautiful coral formations in Puerto Rico. Spurs A sandy bottom with coral formations between 15 and 45 feet, with a small wall dropping off to 65 feet. Abundant with octopus, eels, eagle rays, stingrays, schools of squid; there are also certain times of the year to find schools of dolphin (March and April) and pilot whales (February). ** Las Cuevas** This dive starts at about 35 feet and offers a variety of dive experiences in one dive. Here you'll see reefs teeming with sealife and interesting arches and swim-throughs no deeper than 65 feet.

Dolphin Point If you want to see dolphins, here's the spot. A shallower dive at between 45 to 60 feet, this dive is a must for those wishing to see dolphins. But don't miss the barracuda, grouper, trumpetfish, eels, blue runners and sardines as well.

Horseshoe and Lobster Reef A great dive for checking out reef residents like eels and lobsters. A fairly shallow dive bottoms-out at about 60 feet with a sandy bottom and a horseshoe-shaped reef filled with cracks and crevices. As you move up to about 35 feet, check out the ledges and overhangs for hiding lobsters. The Pinnacles On the southern side of Puerto Rico near La Parguera, you'll not want to miss the Pinnacles. This site offers a coral reef system and eerie pinnacles estimated to be about 5,000 years old. Pay attention to the massive mushroom-shaped formations and keep an eye out for seahorses, crabs and octopus.


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