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One Size Fits All-St Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines The crystalline Caribbean waters off Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have attracted yachties for decades. But today, they aren't the only ones arriving here to explore — divers, too, have found a reason to love this volcanic string of islands stretching 75 miles north of Grenada. From St. Vincent, the island largest in size, to the last link in the 30-part chain, Petit St. Vincent, the country has everything from La Soufriere volcano, the Botanical Gardens, and a long list of black- and white-sand beaches to macro diving, wreck diving and drift diving.

Macro sites and muck diving are what first brought divers to sites such as Steps and Orca Point, just minutes from St. Vincent's shoreline. Critters not in the ID books hide in places that might appear to be nothing more than a pile of underwater weeds. Some would easily be passed by if not for a closer look — and the help of a magnifying glass. But macro critters aren't the only things to spot along St. Vincent's reefs. When it comes to the bigger stuff, hawksbill turtles, blacktip sharks and eagle rays are quick to distract. For those in search of wrecks, the recently sunk Romark gives wreck lovers the best of both worlds: a brand new reef and deep profiles coupled with high viz. With all the things to discover, both big and small, it's no wonder yachties and divers have found common ground on these waters.

DESTINATION PRIMERAverage Water Temp: 79-83°F What to Wear: 3 mm fullsuit Average Viz: 80 feet When to Go: Year-round

MUST DO_Farmers Market_Take a walk through the market in Bequia and taste the wide range of exotic fruits sold by the locals.

MUST DIVE 1. Romark 2. Boulders 3. Japanese Garden 4. Steps 5. Orca I


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