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You’ve counted down the months, the days and the hours in anticipation of the first dive on your annual vacation. You and your buddy step aboard the boat, stow your gear and discreetly begin assessing your “boat mates” for the day. You spot some new divers, and you remember back to the day when you were making your first few boat dives. You give them plenty of supporting smiles and dive preparation leeway. You try not to, but can’t help but worry just a bit, if their newness to the sport might impact the enjoyment of your dive.

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The answer is no. Not if you are diving with Dive Provo in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Island. Dive Provo, a member of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame, believes that divers enjoy the experience more if they feel they are in control of the activity. Dive Provo respects and recognizes experienced buddy teams. So following a thorough briefing they are sent off with 3 simple rules to follow: keep the maximum depth to 100ft, maximum bottom time to an hour and no decompression diving.

Dive Provo’s in-water instructors don’t need to “lead” the group in the strict sense, primarily because navigation is generally along the edge of a wall. You swim to the edge, check the current (usually negligible) and turn left or right until ½ your tank or bottom time. You turn around and come back shallower. Simple! Divers see more if they are free to dive at their own pace rather than stressing about getting too close or too far away from the guide. Buddy teams are free to dive to a depth they are comfortable with, as close or far from the boat as they feel safe diving. Nirvana for experienced divers.

New divers, who are used to having their instructor monitor their air, depth and where they are going, generally stick close to the guide on the first dive or two. But it isn’t long before they too become more competent, and therefore more confident and begin to enjoy rather than just survive their dives!

No buddy? No problem, as you will dive in the company of the in-water instructor. With their experienced eyes, they will easily distinguish the more competent divers and “give them the nod” for more latitude on the dive as well.

Dive Provo, a member of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame, provides the best of the Turks & Caicos Islands diving with their three modern boats visiting the dramatic walls of West Caicos, French Cay and Northwest Point, and exploring the deep spur and groove coral formations of Grace Bay and Pine Cay.

Save $50.00 per person off a 5-day boat dive package when pre-booking at least 73 hours in advance of your first dive. 12% watersports tax added to all prices.

Price $570

Package Validity - Start Date Aug 28th, 2018

Package Validity - End Date Dec 21st, 2018

Travel must be booked by Dec 12th, 2018

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Provo wall diving makes navigation simple

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Newer divers follow along with the guide

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