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DUI Weight & Trim System

DUI Weight & Trim System

It is said there are only two types of divers; divers that LOVE the DUI Weight & Trim System and divers that have never tried one.

The Weight & Trim System allows you to wear the weight exactly where you want it for maximum comfort and efficiency in the water.

Perfect with any BC because it can hold from 6-40 pounds. With a weight-integrated BC, it allows you to divide up the weight so your BC doesn' t require a weight-lifter to handle it. Because the harness lets you adjust the weights up and down and forward and back, it lets you put the weight where you want it so you are more streamlined in the water. It's also much more comfortable than a regular weight belt as it gets the weights off the lower back or hips for total comfort and no adjustments are needed during the dive as your wet or drysuit compresses.

It's just the perfect system for every diver!


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