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TUSA Creates A New Fin Category

TUSA Creates A New Fin Category with the Reef Tourer RF-10 Travel Fin A Comfortable Lightweight Snorkeling Fin Made to Fit in a Day Pack

LONG BEACH, CA - May 6, 2003 - The Reef Tourer RF-10 Travel Fin is a new idea for fins. Built with TUSA quality, the foot pocket is made with a soft, durable compound designed for comfort. This sturdy fin is engineered to provide a lot of power for its small size. At a length of 15 1/2 inches (Medium) or 16 1/2 inches (Large), the RF-10 is compact and lightweight enough to take anywhere. At a low MSRP of $24.99, it is easy for all watersports enthusiasts to add the RF-10 to their arsenal. The RF-10 is available in Small (sizes 4-7) in Clear Yellow (CLY), Medium (sizes 6-9) in Clear Blue (CLB) and Black (BK), and Large (sizes 8-11) in Black (BK).

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| **-Features of the RF-10 Travel Fin: -Lightweight and compact enough to take anywhere -Soft, comfortable open heel foot pocket -Sturdy blade for extra power -Adjustable strap | TUSA diving equipment is available in over 80 countries worldwide. Tabata, the company that created TUSA, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. With several generations of diving experience, TUSA's goal is to continue to innovate and engineer the world's most advanced diving equipment. Tabata U.S.A. INC * 2380 Mira Mar Ave. * Long Beach, CA 90815 * U.S.A. Tel 562-498-3708 * Fax 562-498-1390 * www.tusa.com



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