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How to Fold a Drysuit

If you prefer scuba diving with a drysuit, your gear can get unruly once you're finished and ready to pack it back up. Our Gear Editor breaks down the easiest way to fold a drysuit so you can easily get it back into your luggage and on your merry way.

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How to Fold a Drysuit

  • Suit should be clean and completely dry
  • On a clean, flat surface, lay the suit with the zipper open and facing down
  • Tuck the neck and wrist seals in to protect them; you can dust latex seals with talcum to keep them from sticking
  • Fold the legs up so the tips of the boots or socks go just above the shoulders
  • Roll the suit up in folds about 12 inches long
  • Avoid sharp bends, especially in the zipper
  • Fold the arms in
  • Store in a sealed plastic bag


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