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San Andres/Providence - Where to Dive

Franklin Viola


Both islands offer incredibly warm waters year-round, great visibility and a stunning display of sea life amid diverse diving destinations. Walls, reefs, caves, wrecks and drift and shore diving are just some of the types of diving available. A 3mm shorty is sufficient for most of the year, and there are many dive operators in San Andres for equipment rentals, if you don't bring your own gear. Check out the official San Andres tourism site for information on local dive shops and links.


  • Blue Wall This is a wall dive on the east coast, starting at about 20 feet. Large tube sponges and corals offer colorful diversions from the thousand-foot drop below. Recommended for the advanced diver as there can be a very strong surge.
  • The Pyramids Located on the north end of the island, this is a shallower dive with beautiful anemone and lost of fish life including French grunts and snappers.
  • Wild Life On the west side, just south of the Nirvana reef dive.
  • Nirvana This is a reef dive at about 45 feet, and is perfect for the open-water certified diver. Located on the west side of San Andres.
  • Trampa Tortuga This a spectacular reef dive on the east coast of San Andres in about 45 plus feet. A great intermediate dive with more than 100 foot visibility.


  • Felipe's Place A collection of ledges with abundant sea life and corals, named for Felipe Cabeza of Felipe Diving in Providence.
  • Turtle Rock The main attraction here is a huge 35-foot-wide rock starting at about 75 feet, populated by black coral.
  • Spiral The spiral features a tunnel that spirals downward from 80 to 115 feet. Tete's Place Known as the "fishiest" dive site in Providence, with large schools of fish, pillar coral and octocorals.
  • Confusion Corals and sponges proliferate at this site, at a depth of 60 to 130 feet.
  • Nick's Place Starting at 60 feet with a drop to 130 feet, this site offers Creole wrasse, parrotfish, black grouper and eels.


BANDA DIVE SHOP Phone: 57 8 5131080 - 5122507 Dario Snorkeling and Dive Center Phone: 57 8 512 7534

Divers Team Dive Center Decameron Super Aquarium Hotel Phone: 57 8 512 6923

Sharky Phone: 57 8 5130141- 5130420. Buzos Del Caribe Phone:57 8 512 8931 San Andres Divers Phone: 57 8 513 0719 Karibik Diver Phone: 57 8 512 0101


Felipe Diving Phone: 57 8 514 8775 Scuba Old Town Sonny Dive Shop


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