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Ready to Make Your Getaway Your Home?

Ready to Make Your Getaway Your Home?

Tired of the rat race and longing for a chance to escape to a quieter, gentler place where the sun shines year-round, the beach is just a few steps from your front door, and a traffic jam consists of a flock of shore birds lazily sauntering across the empty road, stopping to peck at an invisible morsel every now and then?

Well, you might want to do a bit of investigating on your own first before you head out for greener pastures. Some might not be a green as you first thought! A good way to start your search for paradise is to visit the myriad websites, blogs and information resources on the Internet. Be warned: there are a LOT! And, remember these websites may not be handing out the latest or most correct information, so be sure to verify everything you read through reliable sources.

For those just starting out, here's a basic beginner's list of expat resources to check out.

Websites: Expat Exchange This is a "warehouse" site that offers links and resources about living in and moving to many different countries. Information can be found on many subjects including working abroad, travel, real estate and more. There is a forum section where you chat with others interested in your country of choice.

Expat Focus This is a website that focuses on what you need to know when considering a move to another country. There are resource lists, helpful information, articles about becoming an expatriate and more. This site also features a blog and a forum where you can chat with others who have either made the move or who are considering one.

Escape Artist One of the most popular websites that contains a myriad of information including articles, stories from people who moved to another country and their advice for others, resource lists, property for sale listings, boats and yachts for sale, overseas job listings and links, information about retiring to an island, basics about various destinations and much more. It's a good place to start.

Other Expat Resources from the Internet:


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