Airbus A300 Jet Artificial Reef Sunk in Turkey for Scuba Diving | Sport Diver

Airbus A300 Jet Sunk off Turkey as Artificial Reef to Attract Scuba Divers

Scuba divers are now free to roam about the cabin off the coast of Turkey, where an Airbus A300 jet was sunk as an artificial reef.

The plane — which stretches 177 feet in length — was sunk by the local government at a depth of about 75 feet in Aegean Sea near the Kuşadası resort in an effort to promote dive tourism in Turkey. The government bought the plane for about $100,000 for the purpose of creating an artificial reef to lure marine life and divers. The wreck, which is one of the largest planes sunk as an artificial reef in the world, took more than two hours to reach the seafloor.

Check out these photos of the sinking:

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