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World's Best Dives: The 12 Most Romantic Resorts for Scuba Divers

Looking for the perfect romantic dive vacation? These 9 warm-water hideaways are made for scuba divers.

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1. Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa, Maldives

Four Seasons Resort Maldives


Courtesy Four Seasons

Maybe he surfs and she dives. Maybe he dives and she sunbathes. Whatever the compromise, it won’t feel like one at the Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa. Killer diving and surfing are just the beginning. Reefs are packed with butterflyfish and oriental sweetlips, plus mantas, hammerheads and whale sharks. The surf school can teach you to ride, and take advanced carvers on a seaplane surf safari. Out here, the reefs are so untouched that the resort and its marine biologists offer activities far more eco-minded than lawn darts. With activities that include dolphin-watching cruises and feedings of protected sea turtle hatchlings, you might forget what it is to compromise.

2. Lizard Island, Australia

Lizard Island Australia


Lori Barbely

This tiny island — located more than 1,000 miles northwest of Brisbane, Australia — is a national park, and the resort gives you the tools needed to explore, including an on-site dive shop and a dinghy provisioned with a well-stocked picnic basket. The island’s only 3.8 square miles, but with so few man-made landmarks, you might get lost — and find exactly what you came for.

3. Staniel Cay Yacht Club, Exumas, Bahamas

Staniel Cay Yacht Club

Staniel Cay Yacht Club

Zach Stovall

Push them out another yard, and the oceanfront bungalows at Staniel Cay Yacht Club would be over-water. as they stand, pad from your porch down a dock, then leap into water that is the stuff of Corona commercials. back on the porch — or from the bed — it’s all about the view. Here, the Caribbean Sea is quiet and flat, reflecting the sky’s splashy pink sunsets or the in-the-distance heat-lightning storms on summer nights. The majority of daytime entertainment is on the water: paddle boarding, kayaking or tool- ing around via the boston whalers included in the resort’s package deals. Splash in and find reefs thick with tarpon, nurse sharks and schools of grunts. The Out Islands aren’t exactly secret, but the path to this destination still feels like something special.

4. Likuliku Lagoon Resort, Fiji

Lagoon Resort Fiji


Courtesy Likuliku Lagoon Resort

It’s undeniably romantic to wake in the South Pacific with waves underfoot. Hop from your overwater bure’s porch, and you’re nose to nose with redfin anthias, clown triggerfish, Moorish idols and orange-spine unicornfish. Spend the morning diving with Subsurface Fiji, finning among blacktip reef sharks and other deep-reef residents. after lunch, you might lounge around the infinity-edge pool with several mini-Jacuzzis, but the pull of the bure is strong. They call them the simple pleasures — watching the clouds and floating on your back — but in Fiji, they seem too dramatic to be called simple. Just watch one sunset unfurl a tableau of cotton-candy pink and neon orange, and you’ll swear the sky here is somehow bigger.

5. Anthony's Key Resort, Roatan

zipline honduras

Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

Courtesy Anthony's Key Resort

The vibe is Swiss Family Robinson meets Flipper: It’s your typical jungle-retreat-meets-dive-resort-plus-dolphinarium. you’ll spend together-time swimming, kayaking and diving. Because Anthony’s Key is a dedicated scuba resort, it operates several boats daily. With so much going on, it’s not surprising that AKR caters to kids-at-heart — and actual kids. but no, you won’t hear them at night. The well-spaced bungalows and thick foliage will make you feel cocooned by the jungle — if you’re in one of the 10 hillside rooms. Otherwise, you’re on the resort’s private island, an eye-blink of a ferry ride from the mainland to bungalows that toe the sea’s edge. all have private porches where, depending on which end of the resort you choose, you’ll catch either sunrise or sunset.

6. Hotel Kia Ora Resort and Spa, Rangiroa

Rangiroa Polynesia


Jon Whittle

You’ll cross off several fantasies from your list, starting with Tahiti pass diving. Kia Ora and its on-site Top Dive shop are situated just north of Tiputa Pass, a site where tidal changes bring mantas, overwhelming numbers of barracuda, and eight varieties of sharks, including tigers. If you’ve always wanted to cozy up in an overwater bungalow, the resort has 10, in addition to 50 villas — 25 of which have private plunge pools. Enjoy a massage or watch the sunset from the waterfront bar where you might think of a few other pastimes to scratch off your list.

7. Blue Waters Inn, Tobago

Romantic Tobago Resort

Tobago, West Indies

Courtesy Blue Waters Inn

Jason Radix is quick to point out that this 13-room boutique hotel is not a resort — the staff is not here to entertain. They’ll give you a saltwater pool — just no organized volleyball. Operations manager Radix says that most couples want little more than to read on the secluded beach and to sun on the floating swim platform. The dive staff will accommodate requests and ferry guests to reefs where they’ll drift among schools of fish, but they know that sometimes the best activity is to soak up the scenery while doing nothing at all.

8. Peter Island Resort and Spa, British Virgin Islands

British Virgin islands resort

British Virgin Islands

Jon Whittle

Most retreats in the British Virgin Islands are reachable only by boat, but Peter Island Resort and Spa is accessible by helicopter too. This private island is posh. Your first clue might be the docked megayachts you pass upon arrival at Sprat Bay. Maybe you’re tipped off by the wait-service at Deadman’s Beach or the mile-long stretch of white sand. Maybe you don’t catch on until a private dinner on the beach, arranged for just the two of you. It might take a nightcap of sipping rum at Drake’s Lounge. If you’re still in the dark, there’s always tomorrow when, after a day of diving with the on-site shop Paradise Watersports, you discover the spa.

9. Cozumel Palace

Cozumel Luxury resort

Cozumel, Mexico

Courtesy Cozumel Palace Resort

You could go it alone, or you could dial 4006 — just be ready for the consequences. Practice your I’m-not-surprised face, then ask the concierge team at this [175-room all-inclusive ( to prepare a bath for you and yours in your junior suite. By special request, the concierge will also buy flowers for your beloved, acquire special bottles of wine or arrange for a private dinner on the secluded beach. One thing you won’t need his help with: the on-site dive shop, Aqua Safaris. When it comes to arranging a day or more of drift-diving Cozumel’s famous walls, you can honestly take all the credit. Cozumel Palace Resorts

10. Sunset House, Grand Cayman

Sunset House Cayman Islands

Amphitrite statue

Cathy Church

The underwater Amphitrite statue in front of Sunset House, a 50-room scuba-centric hotel, has blessed nearly a dozen proposals. The landmark simplifies ring hiding (under the tail fluke is popular), and little planning is involved, aside from penciling the big question on an underwater slate. The shore dive is so easy, says resort manager Keith Sahm, “Seventy-five percent of the time, we find out after the fact — but our ‘yes’ rate is 100 percent.”

11. Sandals LaSource Grenada

Sandals Grenada

Sandals LaSource Grenada

Courtesy Sandals Resorts

For couples wanting to share both their big day and scuba’s big thrills with loved ones, Sandals LaSource Grenada on Pink Gin Beach is a smart pick: Certified divers enjoy two free underwater tours daily. If your guests have never tried scuba, they can swim along reefs, wrecks and an underwater sculpture garden after taking a $90 resort course. The temporary certification is good at any Sandals or Beaches resort for a year.

12. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji


Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Courtesy Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, the 25 thatched bures (huts) are mere steps from the water’s edge, and honeymooners can be delivered by boat to remote beaches for private picnics. The resort’s location, on Savusavu Bay on the island of Vanua Levu, offers quick access to forests of soft corals for divers. For an even more memorable experience, book a night dive for two with the resort’s resident marine biologist.


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