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How to Dive Cancun’s Underwater Museum

Jason deCaires Taylor

Courtesy Jason deCaires Taylor

Molded clay

Crowd of statues

Courtesy Jason deCaires Taylor

Man on Fire

Ty Sawyer

Old man

Courtesy Jason deCaires Taylor

The gardener

Courtesy Jason deCaires Taylor

Dream library

Courtesy Jason deCaires Taylor

Reef garden

Courtesy Jason deCaires Taylor


Courtesy Jason deCaires Taylor

Heading on a dive trip to Cancun? Don’t miss the new underwater sculpture garden Silent Evolution created by renowned sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor. This amazing exhibit features more than 400 life-size statues and covers an area of more than 150 square meters. The sculptures sit on the seafloor in water that’s only 28-feet deep, making it ideal for divers and snorkelers alike. The details below provide the essential information divers need to explore this underwater wonder.

Where is it? The sculpture garden is located in the shallow waters between Cancun and Isla Mujeres in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The exhibit is inside the Cancun Marine Park just a short distance from the famous Manchones reef.

When to go? Cancun is warm and sunny year-round, with water temperatures ranging from 78 to 80-degrees in the winter and 82 to 84 degrees in the summer. Visit during the dry season from November to April to avoid frequent rain and sweltering heat.

What’s the closest airport? Cancun International Airport is located only a few minutes outside the center of Cancun.

What dive operators will take you there? Numerous Cancun-based dive operators offer day trips to the museum, including PADI Dive Centers like Aqua World (, Scuba Cancun ( and Manta Divers (
 You can also take tours of the exhibits on a glass-bottomed boat through the Underwater Museum (

What will it cost? Depending on which operator you go with, prices for certified divers average between $45 and $65 USD for one-tank dives.

How can I learn more about the exhibit? Visit sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor’s website at


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