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11 Amazing Underwater Macro Photos from Sport Diver's April Photo Contest

Smaller was definitely better for the April Sport Diver Snapshots photo contest, as photographers from around the globe submitted their best shots. The contest theme for April was macro. Congratulations to Ana Cris Garcia, whose photo of a xeno crab from Anilao, Philippines, took the top prize. Ana won a $100 Ultralight Control Systems gift card with the photo. Take a look at the winning photo and some of the shots that also blew us away this month.

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xeno crab macro photography

An xeno crab in Anilao

Ana Cris Garcia

Judge's Comment: The contrast between the rich black background and the color of the animal make this composition simple, but very effective. The repeating pattern, complementary colors and intense detail make for a dynamic macro image.


peacock flounder underwater

Peacock flounder

David Kleinfelt

Provided description: Closeup of a peacock flounder's eyes. One eye migrates to the other side of the body during the process of metamorphosis as it grows from larval to juvenile stage. ... As a result, the eyes are then on the side which faces up.

frogfish photo

A juvenile frogfish in the Philippines

Heather Sutton

Provided description: Juvenile frogfish protecting its tiny patch in Dauin, Philippines

blue heron bridge photography

A jawfish at the macro wonderland known as Blue Heron Bridge in South Florida

John Roach

Provided description: Banded jawfish at Blue Heron Bridge, Florida, USA ...105mm +10 smc

orange cup coral hawaii

An orange cup coral off Oahu, Hawaii

Keith Skillin

Provided description: Orange cup coral from Ewa Pinnacles. A rare treat to see it open in the daytime!

lembeh strait scuba diving

A harlequin shrimp shown at night in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Michael Gallagher

Provided description: I took this photograph of a beautiful harlequin shrimp perched on top of a blue sea-star whilst scuba diving at night in Lembeh in Indonesia.

channel islands diving

Macro treasures off California's Channel Islands

Michelle Manson

Provided description: Diving off the Channel Islands, this little beauty was hanging on for dear life with the surgy day we had at Santa Cruz Island. Finally had a shot of its wonderful profile and that cute little blue peeper.

bobtail squid bali

A bobtail squid out and about off Bali

Serena Stean

Provided description: Berry's bobtail squid (Euprymna berryi) at Seraya Secret, Tulamben, Bali, Specs: Canon G16, Fantasea Housing, Macro Lens, Flashlight Lighting

octopus in wine bottle

An octopus finds shelter in a discarded wine bottle off the east coast of Florida

Stephen Gill

Provided description: A curious juvenile octopus living inside a discarded white wine bottle found during a dive at the Blue Heron Bridge in Florida.

juvenile frogfish

A juvenile frogfish in the Philippines

Susanne Skyrm

Provided description: This little guy was looking at me from the bottom of a dive off of the Atmosphere Resort shore in Dumaguete, Philippines.

jawfish photo

A jawfish mugs for the camera

Wayne MacWilliams

Provided description: Dusky jawfish shot with a Nikon 60mm macro lens and a Saga magic ball lens. His curiosity equaled mine, as it came up to within an inch of my lens. I think it looks hilarious.


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