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5 Dive Liveaboard Travel Tips

Live-Aboard Travel Tips

1. “If you’re traveling without a buddy, be honest about your air consumption and the type of profile you prefer so the trip director can pair you with a diver of similar diving desires.” — Charli Moore, former divemaster on Mike Ball’s Spoilsport

2. “Tipping can vary significantly depending on the region you visit. If the crew was good, around 10 percent of the package price is reasonable. On most live-aboards, tips are divided evenly among crew, so contribute the appropriate amount to the ‘pot.’” — Peter Hughes, DivEncounters Alliance

3. “Replace your dive computer’s battery before the trip.” — Bob DeFeo, divemaster on Rocio del Mar

4. “If you get seasick, bring anti-seasickness tablets or bracelets, and if possible, request a cabin that’s located in the middle or the back of the boat.” — Angela Gitaprakasa, divemaster on Four Seasons Explorer

5. “It’s a gross topic, but it’s about hygiene. If you do urinate in your wetsuit, don’t use the group rinse tank. Rinse while showering on the deck and bring biodegrabale soap like Dr. Bronner’s or Campsuds.” — Amy Bowman, divemaster from Hawaii

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