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Editor's Blog: Utila Dive Festival

Utila Passport

Rebecca Strauss

The first annual Utila Dive Festival is in full swing, and many of you know from our Facebook page that I’m here for the week enjoying everything it has to offer. Here’s the way it works: all the dive shops on the island teamed up to create a week filled with activities like night dives, scavenger hunts, REEF cleanup dives and and fish ID talks. On the opening day — or in my case on Monday, due to some unfortunate flight issues — participants are given a passport filled with times and places for the activities; for each one you attend, you earn a stamp in your passport. At the closing ceremony/wild beach party on Friday the festival’s organizers are going to give away prizes to people with certain stamps — I’m shooting (haha) for the GoPro camera. So far I’ve got stamps for the fish talk, Fish ID dive, Taste of Utila (I'm certain to sniff out free food anywhere) and tech tryout dives, among others. If I win the GoPro, my last post of the week will be what's sure to be award-winning video. Stay tuned!