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Mega Dive Travel Operators Join Forces

Two of the industry's leading dive travel specialists, Caradonna Dive Adventures and Trip-N-Tour Pacific, are proud to announce that they will merge operations and join forces to become North America's most exclusive dive travel company offering expertise and experience unmatched in the U.S. and Canadian dive market.

The collaboration is the result of several years of cooperation which has recently led to the purchase of Trip-N-Tour Pacific by Caradonna Dive Adventures; part of First Choice Holidays, PLC, a UK based international leisure travel company. First Choice Holidays PLC purchased Caradonna Caribbean Tours in March 2004 in order to expand its activity-based travel sector to include dive travel in the North American market. Caradonna Caribbean Tours subsequently became Caradonna Dive Adventures in the course of expanding beyond their traditional destinations in the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico to become North America's largest dive travel company.

"The benefits of these two companies joining forces are significant" states Caradonna Dive Adventures president Tim Webb. "It is an opportunity for us to expand not only geographically, but as part of our strategic plan, to continue developing dive travel business and assist our retail dive travel partners in becoming more successful. We will be able to offer them a wider variety of destinations and educational trips to increase their ability to sell dive travel. Caradonna Dive Adventures and Trip-n-Tour Pacific hold more bulk airline contracts than any other dive travel specialist in North America which will allow us to provide not only high quality service but the best values in dive travel."

Trip-N-Tour Pacific has been a leading dive travel specialist in the Pacific region for over 22 years. Founded by Mike and Vikki Musto, industry leaders and driving forces behind the development of dive travel to many areas in the Pacific, Trip-N-Tour Pacific's collaboration with Caradonna stems from both companies' private label brands for Continental Airlines Vacations for which each company manages different regions of Continental Airlines's dive destinations but promoted jointly under the same brand name. Mike and Vikki have formed a loyal client base and earned reputations as a mentors to dive retailers who have developed successful dive travel programs as profit centers in their respective businesses.

The merger of these two leading dive travel companies will provide both brands' clients with preferential access to the world's top diving destinations. At the helm of both will be Tim Webb as president of Caradonna Dive Adventures, Trip-N-Tour Pacific, and the other brands. "We will continue to promote dive travel under the individual brands while taking advantage of corporate synergies and combining technology, systems and policies to streamline the operations," said Webb. Mike and Vikki Musto will take on the roles of developing new business for all, and continue to mentor dive retailers in the development of dive travel programs, and Lisa and Lora are continuing in their sales efforts and will continue to assist Mike and Vikki with the Fams.

The dive travel industry can expect to see more co-branding between Caradonna Dive Adventures and Trip-N-Tour Pacific as these two companies join forces and take their expertise in selling dive travel to the next level. Both companies can be reached at their individual toll free numbers or via email (Caradonna Dive Adventures: 800-328-2288, and Trip-N-Tour Pacific: 800-348-0842, More information is also available by visiting their web sites: and