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Scuba Diving App: DiveBook Pro

DiveBook Pro

DiveBook Pro


Price: $2.99

Platform: iPhone, iPod, iPad

Description: DiveBook Pro is a customizable digital dive-log app. It has all the basic features of a standard paper log book, plus some extras.

Pros: DiveBook Pro is easy to use and very straightforward. All the basics are right there. It also will overlay all your dive sites on a Google map, so you can see where in the world you have dove. Lots of additional data fields are included as well.

Cons: It doesn’t have any option for electronic signatures or importing data from your dive computer.

Bottom Line: This app is great for the diver who keeps a phone handy at the dive site. Not having to worry about getting my paper log book all wet helps me transpose the data to my paper log book or my digital log book. That said, it’s not my primary choice for a digital logbook for recreational diving. There are many free versions that have similar features, as well as paid versions that offer additional features — this app falls in the middle of the road in the price point category but lacks a few features I would like to see at this price point. The digital buddy signature is something I’ve come to like that many other log book apps have. For these reasons, this isn’t my primary choice, but it’s definitely a decent option. The fact that there is no way to get your data from the program is a bit of a bummer as well. All in all it’s a clean, easy-to-use package, and might be a better option for tec and rebreather divers then the recreation diver.

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