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Volunteer for PADI's Debris Month of Action

Volunteer for Debris Month of Action

During September’s Debris Month of Action, PADI's Project AWARE and thousands of dive volunteers are shining a light on the urgent problem of marine debris.

From the smallest bits of plastic, car batteries and appliances, to enormous fishing nets, as much as 6 million tons of disposable goods from our daily lives makes its way into the ocean every year. It kills marine life, chokes coral reefs and makes our beaches and underwater environments ugly to visit.

But, there’s some good news. Marine debris is preventable.

During Debris Month of Action, (which began September 1), we’ll battle debris underwater in an effort to tackle these issues at their source.

Here’s how:
Scuba divers are Diving Against Debris--a PADI program that combines underwater cleanups with critical data collection to paint a true picture of debris issues beneath the surface. The data that divers collect and submit will help PADI's Project AWARE persuade and empower policy makers and other stakeholders to establish and improve integrated solid waste management practices.

Organize or Find a Dive Against Debris this September: http://www.projectaware.org/project/debris-month-of-action.