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Bahamas Diving Association

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The Bahamas Diving Association is the official dive association for The Islands of The Bahamas. The association represents 37 dive operators on 11 islands, including dive liveaboards. The Bahamas are famous for Reefs, Wrecks, Walls, Sharks and Dolphins. Thousands of Dive Sites are only minutes from Miami. The Islands of The Bahamas is one of the few destinations in the Caribbean that offers non-stop direct jet flights from many US and international cities, plus U.S. Operated Customs and Immigration Preclearance Services from Nassau and Freeport. All U.S. Visitors are required to have valid passports for travel to The Islands of The Bahamas. Find our more from any of our dive operators or at


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Information: PO Box 21707 Ft Lauderdale, FL
Phone: +1 800866 +1 3054427095