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Cayman Islands D.O.T.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are recognized as the birthplace of recreational diving in the Caribbean. We've been showing off our spectacular underwater world since 1957 when scuba pioneer Bob Soto opened Grand Cayman's first dive shop. Today, Cayman is one of the world's top dive destinations, with more than 40 dive operations and over 200 dive sites marked with moorings.During the past four decades, this tranquil Western Caribbean island trio has developed into one of the world's top dive destinations. Its location and unusual geology accounts for part of that appeal.

There are now more than 40 dive operations on Grand Cayman, five on Little Cayman and 5 on Cayman Brac. In addition, Cayman Aggressor IV and Brac Aquatics offer live aboard dive packages.The three tiny islands are not volcanic, but actually peaks of an undersea mountain known as the Cayman Ridge, which rises more than six miles from the ocean floor. To the south is the deepest part of the Caribbean Sea: the Cayman Trench, which plunges to a depth of 24,759 ft.What lures both novice and experienced divers to these islands is a combination of attractions: at the top of the list is the famous Cayman Wall, which divers know actually refers to the dramatic drop-offs surrounding all three islands. Within a quarter mile from shore, beginning as shallow as 20 -35 ft., the ocean floor falls away as either a sloping or sheer vertical cliff, plummeting 6,000 ft. into unfathomable blue abyss.

Today, the Cayman Islands offers more extraordinary diving adventures than ever for divers of all skill levels, from absolute beginner through Master Scuba instructor. Dive shops and training facilities throughout the three islands offer every possible diving-related service from IANTD Nitrox certification; Tri-mix instruction and other opportunities for technical diving.Add to this reputation for industry professionalism and variety in diving services, our gentle tropical climate; friendly, English-speaking people; predictably warm, clear water year-round with visibility in excess of 100 ft; and a menagerie of marine so plentiful and varied that you never know what you'll see on any dive - and you have the blueprint for ideal diving vacations.


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