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Dominica - Wonderfully Natural

Dominica -Turtle Bay

Dominica -Turtle Bay

Discover Dominica

DOMINICA - WONERFULLY NATURAL With a wide variety of activities than run the gamut from eco-tours through the magnificent volcanic peaks to diving the still-pristine reefs and walls just offshore Dominica retains a more rustic, innocent feel than the typical vacation spot. And, while the diving is a main attraction, Dominica offers even the most traveled visitor many surprising charms. For more on Dominica's rich history, visit Discover Dominica's website. _Where is Dominca?_Located in the Caribbean between Guadeloupe to the North and Martinique to the South, Dominica is an English-speaking island nation with a diverse cultural history. Although Christopher Columbus visited here in 1493, Dominica's native inhabitants included the Ortoroids, then the Arawaks, and finally the Carib Indians. While English is readily spoken, many influences of the French remain. To see a map of Dominica, go to the Commonwealth of Dominica's website.

Dominica's Climate

  • Temperatures averages around 77 degrees in the winter months and 82 degrees in the summer
  • Dominica's rainforest covers the majority of the island and yearly rainfall averages from 57 inches a year in the drier coastal areas to more than 200 inches a year in the mountains
  • The driest season is during the spring with the heaviest rainfall occurring in late summer
  • There can be mudslides in the wettest seasons, and there is always the possibility of a hurricane making landfall in Dominica during hurricane season (August to November), so check the weather reports before you go
  • Before you leave, check the National Weather Service website for information on Dominica weather
  • Check Virtual Dominica For more information on Dominica weather and events.