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Gear In 60 Seconds

Consider 60-Second ScubaLab the fun-size Snickers to the in-depth scuba diving equipment reviews you've come to expect from ScubaLab. Quickly consumable yet packed with ScubaLab's insightful evaluations, these minute-long video snapshots put the latest and greatest scuba diving equipment at the fingertips of divers like you faster than ever before. Get the inside scoop on today's top scuba diving equipment, and watch everything from BCs and regulators to wetsuits and dive computers come to life in the ScubaLab videos. Like the look of a new pair of fins but want to know it they can deliver real kicking power? Maybe you're in the market for a new reg but need to know if it can hold up in cold water? ScubaLab will put you in the know and introduce you to the equipment you'll want to add to your gear bag. With 60-Second ScubaLab, you'll stay up to the minute on what's new in the world of scuba diving equipment — and it's all delivered directly to your inbox. Check out each 60 Second ScubaLab before buying your next piece of gear.